START OF SOMETHING NEW: Claudie Pierlot's Modern Ceremony Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Claudie Pierlot
Long frilled cotton dress
Lace jumpsuit
Light blue double-breasted linen jacket & linen trousers
Striped spaghetti strapped top with lace
Bridal gown
Lace jumpsuit
V-neck in blue
Plain loose wide-leg trousers
Light blue double-breasted linen jacket

Love is in the air with our sweet and innocent lovebirds, who want the kind of wedding that's 'not too formal, not too casual' but just right (that's millennial language nowadays). And with fashion label Claudie Pierlot's launch of their new Modern Ceremony capsule collection, we may have just found the perfect encapsulation of this decade's sentiment towards undying love. Featuring both bridal wear and bridal guest wear, it's a mix and match of ready-to-wear outfits that will fare well in an outdoor wedding classic while keeping the lovers and loved ones looking young and fresh. One could point to the white ruffled jumpsuit-esque attire, or a pastel-blue suit as some strong power play looks that you'll be proud to show to your lovers' future kids. And of course, the bridal gown itself, that's knee-length for a courteous (yet not too courteous) look that will dazzle the wedding crowd whilst assuaging your social media anxiety. Ah, young love.

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