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BLACK OR WHITE: Hermès' Arceau H Déco Watch
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Hermès
Hermès Arceau H Déco with black dial, mother-of-pearl marquetry and gem-setting
Hermès Arceau H Déco with white dial
Constructing the mother-of-pearl dial, which takes two whole days to complete
Mother-of-pearl dial process by Hermès artisans

You may have heard the saying, the world isn't simply a matter of black or white. Sure, but if circumstances demanded that it were, it would probably look a whole lot like Hermès' Arceau H Déco watches, one on the side of so heavenly right and the other so unjustly flawless. Coming in – you guessed it – either a black or a white-tinted colour, the watch dials are constructed of mother-of-pearl marquetry and gem-setting, which can take Hermès artisans more than two days just to meticulously complete a single dial (9-hour shifts never sounded so good) before being carefully framed within a gold and diamond case. If that didn't impress you, perhaps the thought of the artisans carefully placing each fragment of the 432 diamonds onto the arched gold decorative fillets (which they did) might. Surrounding the dial you'll also notice the H déco motif – inspired by the eponymous Hermès tableware –  along with a double H crested firmly in the dial's centre, which twirls in step with the movements of its slender hands made possible by the mechanical self-winding Manufacture Hermès movement housed inside the watch. So maybe the world isn't just a matter of black or white, but from what we see, the Hermès' Arceau H Déco wouldn't belong anywhere in grey's mediocre middle; it'd be right at the top in that white, snowy art gallery space or that black, pitch-dark dance floor when it comes to your next flex at your upcoming cocktail party.

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