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BEAUTY BLOOMS: Louis Vuitton's B.Blossom Jewellery Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
B.Blossom collection
B.Blossom white gold monogram three-dimensional signet ring with paved diamonds
B.Blossom bracelet in gold with sensual contour, encasing five precious pearls paved of diamonds
B.Blossom necklace in pink gold and diamonds & mother-of-pearl
B.Blossom pendant in pink gold and diamonds

It’s flower-blooming season, filled with luscious arrays of dandelions, sunflowers, lilies and pink-petalled cherry blossoms littered along capacious fields of crisp-green grass bathed by Mother Nature herself. With that imagery in mind, imagine what it would look like on the base of your neck or on the ends of your wrists, which would most likely take the shape of one of several pieces belonging to Louis Vuitton’s new B.Blossom jewellery collection. Inspired by the incoming summer blossoms, the collection features rings, bracelets and cuffs, earrings, pendants and chain necklaces decorated in pink, white and yellow gold. Another thing that comes to mind is likely the original iconic design made by Georges-Louis Vuitton dating back to 1896, which sees the star-shaped flower monogram resting on the crest of each individual piece. So whether it’s your next outdoor summer wedding to attend, or even your afternoon cocktail event, it’ll be an accessory that will be a major glow-up to the outfit of your choosing.

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