ONE FOR ALL: Whoopi Goldberg's Dubgee Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Dubgee
American Dream crewneck in pink that goes up to size 3X
Baby sweatshirt in grey
Long button-front belted tunic in black and ivory

Where freedom goes, size-inclusiveness follows. To cater to all women of a variety of shapes and sizes and income, Whoopi Goldberg is taking the leap from New York Fashion Week front row regular to trailblazing fashion entrepreneur with the launch of her forward-thinking, size-inclusive clothing label Dubgee. Despite having one of the most utmost honours of being an EGOT winner, Whoopi Goldberg still found herself unable to find pieces that could suit her figure and aesthetic whilst on a summer trip to Greece back in 2017. And she knew that other women were probably experiencing the same issues as her when it came to stores that were advocating one-size-fits-all and that kind of jazz. So over the past two years, the launch of Dubgee has been a culmination of both her frustations and her desire to serve women like her, with her upcoming line featuring easy-to-wear separates including gingham shirts, black and white striped kaftans, zip-up hoodies and slogan sweatshirts emblazoned with phrases like ‘I am the American Dream’ and ‘Normal is just a cycle on a washing machine’. Where Whoopi Goldberg goes, we follow.

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