RECAP: IWC Schaffhausen's Silver Spitfire Exhibition (Hong Kong)
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of IWC Schaffhausen
Silver Spitfire replica standing 10-metre by 10-metre tall in polished aluminium
British aviator Matt Jones, set to embark on the longest flight ever undertaken by a Spitfire this August
A flash mob performance in flight suits to wrap up a Top-Gun worthy night

Top Gun in real life might actually be cooler. If you missed it, IWC Schaffhausen hosted a Silver Spitfire exhibition in celebration of its boutique's 10-year anniversary, held at the cultural hub of Hong Kong located in 1881 Heritage. Coinciding with this 10-year anniversary was also the celebration of the expedition "Silver Spitfire" – a four-month, round-the-world journey on a former second world war plane set to begin in August 2019. Which is why 150 guests at the event were privvy to a Spitfire show, laying witness to a 10-metre by 10-metre tall replica of the Spitfire aircraft. British pilot Matt Jones, set to man the longest flight in Spitfire history (and also give Maverick a run for his money) was also in attendance, speaking to the managing director for IWC Hong Kong Peter Lao before pulling the trigger that ignited the replica's turbine engine, propelling the wheels before a flash mob decked in flight suits arrived to wrap up a night of Top Gun-worthy action.

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