O' CANADA: DSquared2 x OVO's Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of OVO & Dsquared2
Dark blue denim jacket and jeans featuring the Dsquared2 x OVO logo
Oversized grey pullover hoodie and sweatpants inspired by OVO lifestyle wear
White tee featuring the Dsquared2 x OVO logo
Black tee featuring the Dsquared2 x OVO logo
OVO-lifestyle cap in black
OVO-lifestyle beanie in black

No matter how many times Drake sings or talks about it, we get it, not everyone is a big fan of The North. But when you have two Canadian fashion authorities OVO and DSquared2 teaming up to launch a capsule listen. Featuring dark blue denim jackets and jeans, as well as pullover hoodies, sweatpants and tees along with a range of OVO-lifestyle headwear, the icing on the cake is an oversized pair of classic OVO owls standing atop the name of the international fashion house featured as its logo. Whether it's a casual summer day out at the mall, a post-workout hangout or your next music show to attend (which Drake already rocked back in March), it'll be a versatile fit that will have you swinging through the day while singing some O'Canada song in your head.

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