Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Jil Sander+
Jil Sander+ debuts with its Mackinstosh partnership
The colour palette for Jil Sander+ is bracketed as "natural"
Jil Sander+ debuts with its Mackinstosh partnership
Jil Sander+ "signifies pure, honest, functional design"

It’s easy to take for granted the nature outside of our concrete jungles and urban territories. Which is why Jil Sander is debuting a collection of outerwear – entitled Jil Sander+ – to inspire some good old-fashioned nature appreciation. Under the creative direction of husband and wife duo Lucie and Luke Meier – who grew up in the mountains enraptured by beautiful landscapes – the collection features an array of outerwear and accessories functionally suited to natural terrains. Through partnering with outerwear brand Mackintosh, the products in the new line incorporate technical fabrics such as recycled cashmere and ventilated cotton, designed with a natureinspired colour palette. To top it off, the collection also spotlights Jil Sander’s first line of denim, constructed from Japan’s best mills ranging from trousers and shirts to jackets and jumpsuits. The collection will be available from this fall-winter season.

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