CONCRETE JUNGLES: The North Face's Airflow Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of The North Face
Airflow capsule featuring new micro-pore technology
Women's tracksuit city jacket in neon green
Airflow capsule featuring unisex windjammer pullover and women's tracksuit city jacket
Women's pullover cropped hoodie in tinted grey
Women's city light jacket in tinted grey
Women's city light jacket in neon green
Unisex windjammer pullover in vintage white
Unisex urban jinbei jacket in vintage white
Unisex urban jinbei shorts in vintage white

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Inside your urban landscapes, where all your aspirations come to fruition, also lies some unpredictable weather, doesn't it? Even the fighter that can go through the ringer in you appreciates some much-needed versatility so you don't catch an evening drift or suffer from a mid-afternoon heat stroke on your path to chasing greatness. That's why The North Face is dropping the Airflow capsule, a 12-piece collection curated for terrain versatility while maintaining your keen sense of urban fashion. Featuring pullovers, tracksuit jackets, windbreakers and tees, the pieces are made out of a new micro-pore technology that is light on the body in more ways than one: besides being lightweight, the fabric is also constructed of sweat-wicking material so that even under that unforgiving Central Park sun, or that uncomfortable humidity that comes from living in a tropical urban landscape, you'll be staying cool whether it's your morning run or your afternoon stroll on the weekend. Plus, with some easy-to-pair colours of white, tin grey and black, the monochromatic mix is a surefire win in the easy-to-breezy style department. Otherwise, keep your cool and a level head as you make your way up the proverbial ladder.

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