VOLUME ONE: Montblanc's Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Montblanc
Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes portfolio with zip
Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes backpack
Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes wallet 6cc
Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes key fob loop
Meisterstück Soft Grain Mix Tapes key fob loop

Walkmans, boom boxes and cassette tapes that dominated the '80s have long eroded from the present, replaced by iPods and phones that now make up our musical diet. But don't tell Montblanc that just yet: come July 15, they're going against the grain with the launch of a capsule collection curated to these throwback pieces. Featuring a backpack, portfolio, clutch, wallet as well as key fobs, they all come in retro black grainy leather tagged with a graphic cassette tape print that will have you reminiscing about your favourite '80s-nostalgic movies while playing some good ol' Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape tune in your head. And why wouldn't you? With shows like Stranger Things and GLOW all set during that this disruptive (and much beloved) decade, it's nostalgia abound and Montblanc is just riding the wave along with the rest of us. So instead of a millennial backpack devoid of particular purpose or meaning (not even talking about the backpack), one might opt for a sleeker version that is both stylish and curated to all your pop-culture fantasies.

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