SEPTEMBER 2019 Issue
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MANIFESTO: September 2019 issue with Rio, La'Shan and Ottawa
MANIFESTO: September 2019 issue with Miki Ehara and Yuka Mannami
With the fall season approaching, one may already feel the breezier air, hear the crunch of orange leaves and more importantly, yearn for the touch of a new set of wardrobe staples that will help beat the autumn chill. So as you mindlessly wander through autumn landscapes searching for purpose – not to worry, folks – we’ll be there to guide you through nature’s changes every step of the way. With our latest issue, we’ll be giving you the know-how to all your fall workfit ensembles and back-to-school essentials, thanks to the latest fashion scoops – such as the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle’s soon-to-be fashion capsule – a compilation of various Looks of the Moment for the autumn season, as well as a watchful eye over the latest trends on Instagram (hint: it has something to do with white Bulgari bags!). Not to mention, besides giving you fashion, watch and jewellery inspiration, we’ll also be providing some valuable life ones as well by sharing some of the knowledge cultivated by various established heroes: You’ll get the latest insight into a renewed vision of Sergio Rossi through the eyes of CEO Riccardo Sciutto, delve into the rich works belonging to Tiffany & Co.’s chief gemologist Melvyn Kirtley and learn from up-and-comers such as British cult jewellery designer Castro Smith. And while summer’s end may leave you feeling a bit dispirited, don’t be – it’s the start of something new.

Our September 2019 issue stars Miki Ehara and Yuka Mannami as well as Rio, La'Shan and Ottawa. 

MANIFESTO September 2019 issue is available now.

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