RETURN OF THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR: Will Smith's Bel-Air Athletics Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Bel-Air Athletics
Will Smith has released his latest Fresh Prince clothing line, called the “Bel-Air Athletics” collection
Bel-Air Athletics hoodie in grey
Bel-Air Athletics T-shirt
Fresh Prince throwback T-shirt with heat reactive tie-dye
Academy track jacket with paisley print
Academy track jacket with navy and reverse paisley print
Academy track pants in navy

In west Philadelphia born and raised... came Will Smith’s iconic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that had his life flipped-turned upside down. His life is set to get flipped-turned once again, with his 2019 fashion adventure going from starring in Moncler’s Genius is Born Crazy campaign and joining Onitsuka Tiger as a social media project partner, to announcing his Fresh Prince merchandise under a fresh line entitled Bel-Air Athletics, directly inspired by the sitcom’s fictional school. Featuring athleticwear including track jackets with paisley prints that will take you back to the Prince’s school blazer days, along with some varsity T-shirts to line up his throwback jock image, the 26-piece collection is the perfect tribute to his Fresh Prince past while acknowledging Smith’s personal love for basketball. So catch it while you still can: The collection is available via Will Smith’s website until October 14.



Carlton could never.

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