POOL PART PERFECT M Missoni's Floral Maillot
by Rachel Haslam

So, the next summer beach party’s right around the corner and you’re fretting about what to wear;  and knowing that your crush’s going to be there with his mates doesn’t help either. Though it may seem a little farfetched, we’ve got just the thing to rid you of your wardrobe woes: a swimsuit that hides all the bad bits and flaunts all the good ones. Too good to be true? Not really, especially when Missoni’s responsible. The floral maillot from M Missoni’s latest beachwear selection promises to pack in your untimely belly bloat (no thanks to last night’s BBQ), parade your streamlined pins you’ve been working all month long for, and form just the right amount of cleavage so as not to verge on vulgar. It largely observes the style of a traditional one-piece, but cleverly bears iconic floral prints and frilly edges that won’t be pushing you to reach into your accessory drawer any time soon – it’s pretty enough as it is. Wear it, and your crush won’t know what hit him.