BOURGEOIS BOYS: Dior Homme's Spring-Summer 2016
by Rachel Haslam | Photos courtesy of Dior Homme

What’s sporty, masculine, flowery, camouflaged, checked, traditional, and contemporary all at the same time? What’s going to make a man feel as handsome as the clothes he wears? Dior Homme’s spring-summer 2016 offering makes the idea of summer dressing an endeavour to be excited about with on-point style choices that take you from zero to hero in no seconds flat. You’re in luck if you, by some chance, find yourself among the blokes that crave stylishness without the added effort because Dior’s summer injection is all about sporty sophistication. Yeah you heard us; the sport-luxe trend is back. Bombers, knits, shirts, and blazers have never looked more action packed, yet couch potato worthy at the same time – what’s better than a suit you can snooze in? And if you were worried about having to scour the shops for hours you, frankly, do not have, then look no further than Dior Homme for it’s unapologetically vast summer offering that unites casual, classic, and couture into one.