ROCK STEADY: John Hardy's Black Sapphire & Pearl Jewellery

Do yourself a favour and relook at jewellery you never considered wearing for reasons you either narrow down as a) you’re not a tween anymore, or, b) you’re not into your mom’s sense of style. We feel you, which is why we’re also not advocating larger-than-life hoop earrings that only Beyoncé can pull off and pearl jewellery that only Lupita Nyong’o can propel to a best dressed list level. That said, don’t close the door on these items just yet; picking the right style means everything. Thankfully John Hardy has tweaked them in a way that fits the want-to-be-different asking of today’s Ruby Rose-loving generation. That means elegance with a tinge of edginess and sexiness that won’t rock the boat in taste or style. Rather than those silver hoop earrings that might look like empty bird swings on a breezy day, John Hardy’s version is medium-sized, open-ended and engulfed with black sapphires – just the look that Maleficent would approve of. As for fresh water pearls, the Balinese-based label has cleverly affixed them onto the ends of silver cuffs and rings instead with a dotted texture and design that are reminders of the ever-popular serpent motif in jewellery.




Text & Art Direction: Kee
Photos: Jeff Ip
Hair: Deil Siu
Make-up: Joey Pun

Model: Dasha Y
Coat by Miu Miu