YOU'RE IT: Montblanc's e-Tag
by Kee | Photos courtesy of Montblanc

While we can think of several things we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy, losing one’s personal belongings or being a victim of theft ranks high on that list (well, we’re nice people with nice thoughts). Those who have experienced such heartbreak would parallel it to the modern day anguish of losing your smartphone. Feel the pinch, now? Apart from keeping an eagle eye on one’s possessions at all times, we’ve come to terms that we’re only human (at least on those non-caffeine days). This is the reason why getting help is the most effective and underrated solution to solving a potential mishap. Enter a high-tech key fob that is the ankle monitor to your personal belongings. Produced by Holy Grail penmaker Montblanc, the e-Tag’s usage is simple: attach it to your belongings (bag, luggage, keys, wallet, and maybe even child). When the key fob detects a distance between you and said item, the smartphone will sound a hummable Montblanc melody until you’re within distance of the key fob. Think of it as the smartphone alerting you about a loss of Wi-Fi connection because you’re out of range. Made of European full-grain cowhide leather, Montblanc even has your swagger in mind on top of its secret agent-like security features.