Steampunk Tourbillon Gunmetal (limited to 25 pieces)
Steampunk Tourbillon Gunmetal (limited to 25 pieces)
PUNK EMPIRE: RJ-Romain Jerome's Steampunk Tourbillon Gunmetal
by Kee | Photo by Jeff Ip

Remember the time when your best mates just wanted to sit around and talk about that wristwatch you were wearing? How about that moment when your wristwatch game was so strong that it actually became an automatic pickup-line at the bar? Or do you remember the last time you were actually entertained by the goings-on in the dial that you nearly hypnotised yourself with it. If none of them sound familiar, that’s because you haven’t owned that wristwatch yet. We’re just going to do the legwork for you and tell you that you’re looking at one of the contenders that would do all of the above and more: the Steampunk Tourbillon by RJ-Romain Jerome. Though not the first tourbillon release under the Steampunk series, this is perhaps a less intimidating version, and to an extent, dressier. What we like about it is the number of talking points on the openworked dial with each part occupied by a moving component – the time-telling is performed at 12 o’clock, the power indicator is positioned between 3 and 4 o’clock, the tourbillon complication at 6 o’clock, and lastly, a moving piston at 9 o’clock that makes an up-down motion every half a minute. What’s more the industrial rawness of the gunmetal bezel is also part of the charm offensive – any additional battle scars you get on it only makes it that much sexier.