CASE OF HARD BAGS: Moncler & Rimowa’s Topas Stealth Collection
by Rachel Haslam

A thrilling calendar of summer commitments involved perusing the personal effects of our fellow globe-trotting passengers. And after landing at a few distant airports, taking a number of train rides, and checking into a variety of hotels, it was clear that our travelling cohorts were clearly voting overwhelmingly for Rimowa. It is no coincidence that every luggage rack, platform and, occasionally, empty seat space is festooned with its signature grooved cases; nearly all in the more recent aluminium evocation with glossy camo-printed quilting on the insides – courtesy of travel outfitters at Moncler – because the trick these days to mastering your accessory game comes down to subtle surprises. So apart from owning a suitcase as slick as a suit with roses under the cuffs, rest assured that you won’t have to fuss about fitting all your stuff into it no matter your length of holiday since the Topas Stealth collection boasts three sizes (32L, 45L, and 64L in volume). But if you’re a person who cares little for how a piece of luggage looks and simply views suitcases with a practical point of view, let us tell you about how incredibly light the bags are – easy-to-throw-at-least-ten-metres-with-your-bare-hands sort of light. Plus, each case comes with camo quilted wash bags and footwear bags as standard. Talk about a whole package (eh?).