A FAMILIAR FACE: Rimowa Essential Lite

You’ve got a friend in me. That’s what Rimowa has been to many people around the world. It is a travel companion, a watchful protector and most importantly, a trustworthy friend. With that being said, Rimowa once again continues to build on this trust with the launch of its new and improved Rimowa Essential Lite suitcase. You may have thought the Rimowa Essential looked a bit tubby before, but the suitcase is now rendered with a premium polycarbonate material that makes it 30% lighter than its original self. That means no more overweight luggage and massaging your sore arms as you enter the plane. The newly refined material also gives the suitcase optimum stability and portability without compromising on its durability, so the panic attack you thought you’d get as your suitcase comes crashing down the conveyor belt no longer hits you. To top it off, its sleek white colour is an instant classic that also stands out firmly in the crowd, giving you a chance to impress the friends and family. The new Rimowa might almost be unrecognizable, but you’ll be reminded by its visually revamped logo engraved on an anodised aluminium badge. Rimowa looks, feels, and talks different, but it should still be that same old companion who’s seen the world with you. You’ve counted on Rimowa before; it’s certainly not a bad time to give it a shot now.