Switch Belt by Salvatore Ferragamo
Double Buckle by Salvatore Ferragamo
Switch Belt by Salvatore Ferragamo
Switch Belt by Salvatore Ferragamo
Switch Belt by Salvatore Ferragamo
Double Buckle in Gun-Metal
Double Buckle in Gold
Double-Buckle in Silver
TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE: Salvatore Ferragamo's Switch Belt
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Salavatore Ferragamo

Suit nice and ironed, shirt neat and buttoned, pants smooth and straightened. Shirt tucked firmly against the pants and belt looped around the waist to secure the shirt underneath. So far so good? As you head out though, you realise your bronze buckle just doesn’t quite match the colour of your black shoes. So what happens? Belt unfastened, suit creased, shirt untucked and pants loosened. What was supposed to be a great start to your day has quickly become one of your worst ones. Enter Salvatore Ferragamo’s “two-in-one” Switch Belt, designed to guarantee a fast start to the day. As you open a velvet box embroidered in grained leather on one side and a smooth, matte layer on the other, you will find the Double Buckle available in three glorious finishes. A glistening gold, a flashy silver, and a gritty gun-metal colour make up your primary roster. The Double Buckle comes with a slight twist: with the means of a simple mechanism, you can now choose another pair of buckles to accessorize up as quickly as you strip down. Adjustable and interchangeable, you no longer have to worry about hastily changing your belt and ruining your look. A second space located in the box provides an additional opportunity to add another pair of buckles out of the wide assortment of colours and materials. In fact, thanks to the combinations of colours and materials in the two sections, you can yield up to 225 versions of your newly improved Switch Belt. With an endless supply of colours at your disposal, and the ability to change your buckle at will, you're getting two good things for the price of one.