Chanel Rectangular-Shaped Shield Sunglasses with 18-Carat Gold Lenses
Chanel Rounded-Shaped Shield Sunglasses with 18-Carat Gold Lenses
RETRO SHIELDS: Chanel's Summer Shield Sunglasses
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Chanel

Whatever happened to those large-framed retro sunglasses? You know, the ones with the bold oversized design that made you look like a welding worker and a sci-fi princess wrapped in one? Chanel's heard of them, and they're bringing these Shield Sunglasses back just in time for the debut of their Summer 2018 Eyewear Collection. One thing that stands out most about these retro shades is its gold exterior. If you hadn't noticed, the design is laced with 18K gold lenses, the first time in the history of shield shades, sunny shades, or any other pair of shades you might have tried on in your lifetime. Not only do they guarantee the ultimate protection against the summer sun, they also guarantee the ultimate protection from yourself; let's be real, we've all dropped our favourite pair of sunnies more times than we can care to mention. The Chanel Shield Sunglasses will stay intact, with gradated lenses that will hide your inevitable look of shame. The finishing touches come along the line of the brow, carrying the Chanel signature with a thin chain inserted intot the transparent acetate of the discreetly logoed templates, capped off with gold and silver metallic finishes along its rounded exterior. With its curious design, there isn't really any particular way you can wrap your head (literally) around these shades. But if you're talking about bringing it Back To The Future and having the protection of a welding worker, then that's definitely one way to look at it.