WATCH OUT: Giuseppe Zanotti for Christian Cowan's Capsule Collection
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti
The heels feature gold-plated wristwatches
The capsule collection features some of Giuseppe Zanotti's most iconic designs
The heels were made available for purchase after Christian Cowan's spring-summer 2019 fashion show in September
Giuseppe Zanotti and Christian Cowan

And you thought wristwatches were just for the, well, wrists. What you’re looking at are Cardi B-approved heels that were launched during British designer Christian Cowan’s spring-summer 2019 fashion show held during New York Fashion Week in early September. Cowan, who shot to fame dressing Cardi B for her debut studio album cover of Invasion of Privacy, worked with famed Italian footwear specialist Giuseppe Zanotti on this line of timepiece-based heels. The gold-plated wristwatch bracelets were expertly introduced into a couple of Zanotti’s most iconic shoe silhouettes, in particular a heel-less heel. Cowan’s idea of featuring the baller wristwatches as straps stems from his reminder to wearers to “never be out of time.” In light of that statement, he wasted little time in putting these on the market too as they were made available right after his fashion show at Giuseppe Zanotti boutiques in New York, London and Paris as well as online stores. One thing’s for sure, these are heels that Cardi B might not want to toss across the room without a second thought.

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