Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bulgari
Úrsula Corberó launches the Fiorever collection in Dubai
Úrsula Corberó behind-the-scenes in a Mario Sorrenti-lensed campaign
Úrsula Corberó behind-the-scenes in a Mario Sorrenti-lensed campaign
Úrsula Corberó behind-the-scenes in a Mario Sorrenti-lensed campaign

It was a hot post-summer evening in Dubai. A mixture of world citizens were gathered infront of a peculiar mirrored box located on the beachfront property owned by Bulgari, their latest crown jewel in an expanding portfolio of hotels and resorts for the Roman jeweller. This mirrored box in question took a couple of days to assemble and holds the reason why we were standing on sand and surrounded by a celebratory garden of yellow blooms, tiki torches, fairy lights, and free flow of champagne and cocktails. No one was being voted off. Soon, the music challenged the volume of the murmurs as the front panel of the box began to lower like a draw bridge, unveiling strobe lights that were flashing in tandem with the beat. Again, no one was about to be voted off. What stood infront of us were yellow interiors and a wrecking ball-like arrangement of yellow blooms hanging in the middle of the container-sized box. The words Fiorever, the name of the jewellery collection, were spelt out in big block letters and displayed on a niche on the side of the walls featuring alongside the new jewellery collection and their past inspirations. Just as our eyes were trying to refocus, a lady walked out from the shadows with only her silhouette visible. She was petite with shorter hair than even Kristen Stewart. She confidently stepped right up to the middle of the box in her little black dress with a sexy thigh-high slit, ensuring that every camera flash and smartphone captured all of her best angles including the gorgeous diamond necklace that she was hyping. And rather than just stand still for the pictures, she took the liberty to perform a few flamenco dance moves until the music concluded shortly after. The world, and us, finally met this Spanish actress by the name of Úrsula Corberó. You might not recognise the Barcelona-born actress right away, but if you’ve got a Netflix account, you would discover that she plays the lead in La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), which is ranked as Netflix’s most popular foreign language television series. Think of this series as Spain’s version of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, centred on a team of eight attempting to break into the Royal Mint of Spain to print their own money. Hit television show aside, the 29-year-old’s part as the new face of Bulgari – joining the likes of Bella Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Kitty Spencer, just to name a few – is an informed choice that millennials can identify with. As strange as it may sound, she channels more of your bestie than supermodel-esque untouchable. Reallife Corberó is a social butterfly who would possibly partake in spontaneous tequila shots with strangers; work up a random flamenco dance routine in the middle of the room; and request selfies just because she needs to recount these moments tomorrow. She could do all of the above – some of which actually happened – without having others doubt her sincerity, elegance and sensuality, which is perhaps the highest praise one can give to an ambassador of Bulgari. Re-introducing Úrsula Corberó, the wild child of the Bulgari family… and definitely a keeper.


MANIFESTO: What were your impressions of Bulgari before you joined the family and what are your impressionsof them after?

ÚRSULA CORBERÓ: Whenever I thought about Bulgari, I associated it with an iconic brand very related to the world of art and glamour. Since working with the brand, I have also discovered something new and that I love, and it is that passionate spirit which I identity with.

M: What is one thing that not many people know about you?

UC: They will not know many! (Laughs) Well, one of them is that I’m passionate about cooking; it’s one of my favorite hobbies.

M: What values of Bulgari align with yours?

UC: Bulgari is an Italian brand that epitomises the Italian spirit of passion, beauty and creativity and I believe Spanish and Italian people have a lot in common. We are passionate, we are strong and we live life at its fullest.

M: Has jewellery been a big part of your life? When was the first time you started wearing it and what was your first-ever piece?

UC: I have always liked jewellery since I was a little girl. I remember when I used to visit my grandmother’s house and the first thing I would ask her was: “Please, can you let me open your jewellery box?” I was drawn to it and my grandmother very kindly gifted me my first-ever piece of jewellery. They were earrings, pearls. She told me that the pearls were a gift from her first suitor when she was 14!

M: Do you keep any jewellery as a form of a lucky charm?

UC: Yes, I do. It’s a pendant, a small cross that was gifted to me by my parents. I do not wear it every day even if I would like to, because I am always on the go, between filming on set, taking part of photo shoots and/or events around the world and I do not want to lose it.

M: Your personal style manages to strike a fine balance between edgy and feminine. How do you think the Fiorever collection fits into your personal style? And what would you wear it with?

UC: My personal style is always evolving; I like to play with fashion and mixing different styles. I like wearing an outfit that is a bit unpolished but still looks formal and I always aim to make a statement with my look. The Fiorever collection is bold yet sophisticated and really fits into my personal style.

On my day to day I like to wear something more casual. For instance, I could wear an outfit that is more comfortable but I could still accessorise it with diamonds earrings, like the Fiorever fringed earrings that bring a lot of light to my face or the Fiorever earring cuff, which is a bit more punk. I would use jewellery to elevate a casual look.

If I am attending an event or doing a red carpet appearance, I would choose a beautiful necklace, like the diamond shoulder piece the poncho which really feels like a second skin made of diamonds, it’s a very special piece, it makes me sparkle and feel confident.


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