THE HEAT IS ON: Ralph Lauren’s Polo 11 Jacket
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Ralph Lauren
The Polo 11's temperatures can be controlled from a phone app
A Mophie battery helps to create warmth on the inside of your jacket for up to three hours
The Polo 11 is a cross between futuristic outerwear and space-esque streetwear
The Polo 11 is also available in blue
The Polo 11 is also available in silver

We’ve all been in this position one time or another: Going on a cold weather vacation and wondering how hellish-low the temperatures will dip when you’re finally on ground zero. And when you’re talking about destinations where a single digit variation matters between feeling cosy and freezing your nuts off, bringing the right outerwear isn’t so much a choice but a means of survival. Good news for those who are poor at reading numbers even on a weather report; Ralph Lauren are helping to take the guess work out of your outerwear packing with some pretty neat tech embedded into their Polo  11 jacket. And just so you’re convinced that they are entering into a fashion space that no other labels have gone before, they have made the Polo 11 jacket (a subtle nod to that moon spacecraft of 1969, the Apollo 11) with spacesuit-like aesthetics that look as current as today’s hype streetwear. Apart from the patriotic patchwork on the sleeve, they are available in white, silver, and blue – all colours that NASA and space travel junkies are familiar with. The defining bit is a slim Mophie battery that is plugged in to the inside pocket that is in-charge of creating warmth on the inside for up to three hours (if set to the highest mode). To charge the battery, there is also a power bank provided though most USB sources are also capable of doing the same. And just so you don’t have to remove the jacket and manually tune the heat levels when the weather gets more challenging, there is an app developed for you to do it from your smartphone which also remembers your last settings so you don’t have to readjust when you head out to the slopes again after lunch. And yes, you can get rid of those pesky heat packs from now on.

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