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JACK OF ALL TRADES: Hamilton's Khaki Field Auto Chrono
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Hamilton
The Khaki Field Auto Chrono was worn by John Krasinki in 'Jack Ryan'
The Khaki Field Auto Chrono retails for roughly US$2,100

TV’s version of Jack Ryan – played by John Krasinski – is the main reason you’re buying this chrono for your everyday wear in a secret bid to boost hunk ratings. (Non-spoiler alert: The CIA analyst-turned-spy flaunts an all-black version in the show.) Wearing this might help with your confidence even if you can’t start a fire to save your life – you can tell the day, date, and time instantaneously if someone asks. Just don’t think you have added strength to start kicking down doors and taking on men twice your size. This is a still a wristwatch – a pretty ruggedly good-looking one at that – not a sledgehammer.

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