FINDING YOUR WANDERLUST : Bally's Vulko Sneakers
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Bally
Low-top style Vrey in white leather
High-top style Vulker in multi-colour camel check pattern
Low-top style Vrey in multi-colour camel check pattern
High-top style Vulker in white leather
Low-top style Vrey in white leather

"The great affair is to move." Aptly written by Robert Louis Stevenson, it certainly sounds like a case of wanderlust if we ever heard one. That's what Bally is all about with its carefree "wanderlust": its desire not to go anywhere in particular, but somewhere no longer where it once was. Which is why Bally's new set of retro Vulko sneakers for its upcoming spring-summer collection not only pays homage to its roots, but also takes us somewhere entirely new. The most notable signature of the Vulko shoes are the langitude and longitude coordinates neatly stamped against the outsole of the sneaker which, if measured correctly, will take you directly to Schönenward, Switzerland and back to Bally's humble beginnings. But with its humble origins also come its bold creations. During a road trip the Bally Creative Collective took through Los Angeles, the group was repeatedly exposed to visuals of white rubber bike tyres that rolled through the LA highways, roads and streets. That's why you'll notice the distinct shape the sole has, made to resemble the welts of a bicycle wheel tyre that are symbolic of the earnest traveller. And don't think the resemblance stops there either. With its vulcanised construction on the crafting of the sole, the sneaker also matches the durability of a bike wheel tyre, ensuring that it's more than just its looks. Along with its geographic coordinates, the Vulko represents a sleek sole design that combines these elements of nostalgia to create something entirely new. To top it off is Bally's modern incorporation of vintage colours. Inspired by 1970's and 80's colour photo hues created by Joel Sternfield and Stephen Shore, two fine art photographers who pioneered the colour photogram art boom in the 1970's, the Vulko sneakers evoke the golden age of photography with colours reflecting the muted hues and sepia tones of the 70's.The first colour of choice is the multi-colour camel check pattern, vintage grey and sepia interspersed with boldly laced linings of gold that contrast its muted tones. The second choice is simply white leather, a classic that never wears off its welcome, with a natural suede embedded into its design for ultimate comfort. And of course, there's also the decision to be made between the high-top and low-top. While the high-top, with its casual zip-up and street-smart vibe, arguably provides the more fashion-forward outlook, it's really up to the wanderlust traveller to decide the road less (or more) taken.

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