LIKE EAR BUDS, BUT COOLER: Bose's Frame Audio Sunglasses
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bose
The Rondo round frames
The Alto is the larger fit of the two
This is Bose's first shot at combining audio tech with fashion
Both eyewear retail for just under US$200

If you’re bobbing your head and strutting down the sidewalks like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, your smooth moves are going to look a little more cooler with Bose’s debut shades that fuses style with audio and augmented reality-enabled prowess. Simply named Frames, these two models called Alto (Wayfarer-esque frames) and Rondo (round frames) are the next gen solutions to keep your ears equipment-free and your fashion game at a 100. These AirPods for the eyes, manufactured using nylon, are designed with miniature speakers at the temples, residing just above your ear. But rather than amplify the music to those around you, Bose created new tech that enables the music to be channelled to your listening direction in the same manner as someone whispering into your ear. As the marketing puts it: “You hear rich immersive sound, while others hear practically nothing.” It’s also capable of accepting and rejecting calls as well as access Siri or Google Assistant. In addition, the US$199-priced sunnies promise to also provide contextual audio on augmented reality platforms, which might be the future of how humans consume media.



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