CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE?: Cat Footwear's Re-Powered Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Cat Footwear
Cat Intruder in Star White
Cat Intruder in Black
Cat Intruder in Black & Acid Green
Cat Intruder in Black & Acid Green
Cat Intruder in Star White and Orange

Cat Footwear is unapologetic when it comes to bringing back rugged '90s work-wear vibes. After all, it arguably started the whole craze, with its signature Caterpillar boots having become a staple of the British industrial working class (its parent brand Caterpillar Inc responsible for making heavy machinery). With the new Re-Powerered Collection inspired by the brand's archives, Cat Footwear has paid attention to the workwear and chunky silhouette trends with some solid upgrades to suit the times. What has it re-powered exactly? For starters, the collection features unisex footwear, breaking the men's-only code often attached to the label. The footwear comes in three contrasting colours: star white, black, and biking red with touches of acid green and orange. You'll also notice the chunkiness of the revamped Intruder trainer – a key feature of the original silhoeutte and Dad trainer – formed by the thick ovular-shaped rubber platform outsole that pays homage to its roots and the current trend of footwear that the Instagram-savvy are opting for. There's undeniably a millennial appeal to seem well-traversed, adventurous and gritty, even in a society of couch-surfers. But all of this is legitimised by the fact that Cat Footwear is indeed a brand shaped by its hard-nosed attitude and ruggedness. Cat Footwear is all about "the power and atittude of earth moving machines", thanks to its parent brand Caterpillar Inc responsible for making heavy machinery. So the toothy, exaggerated outsole can be vindicated solely on the basis that the same rubber that was used in this trainer were used in the same work boots that saved a man's foot after being run over by a train. Add in the nubuck and nylon mesh constructed upper and your city streets kicks would work perfectly in any sort of adverse landscape. Seriously, Cat isn't playing.

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