BE A GOOD SPORT: Balenciaga's Hybrid Eyewear Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Balenciaga

Ma always taught you not to be a sore loser. But a sore winner she did not, especially when you're rocking Balenciago's newest Hybrid Eyewear spring-summer collection for your weekend tennis in the sun. You'll immediately notice the sporty designs attached to the frames: a pair of rubber-injected arms that grant you the comfort and grip you need when you're zipping and zapping across the court. With that kind of adaptable comfort, along with enamel logos laser-cut into acetates coming in havanas, red, black, striped grey and white, it'll no doubt bring out the competitive fire in you to smash aces and scorch the lines with ease. Plus, you'll look good celebrating that win too.

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