NINTH WONDER OF THE WORLD: Loewe's Dumbo Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Loewe
Goya leather backpack & T Pouch leather clutch
Poloneck shirt in multicolor
Dumbo sweatshirt in navy blue
Dumbo t-shirt in white
Dumbo scarf in multicolor
Dumbo jacket in multicolor

As a great mouse once said, "The very things that held you down are going to carry you up and up and up." Which is exactly what the iconic Dumbo did, soaring to heights beyond our childhood imaginations with his big floppy ears and adorably wrinkled pachyderm trunk. And, ahead of the live action debut of the magical flying elephant this spring, Loewe is looking to recapture that joy once again with a throwback to the original 1941 Disney animated feature for their new Dumbo capsule collection. From its signature Goya backpack, T-pouch leather clutch, to its pyjama-esque set of shirts and trousers, you can see the animated Dumbo, printed in his classic 'stone-blue' colourway, take flight across Loewe's collection. While a lot of us have ended up old, decrepit and inches deep full of cynicism, one can't help but reminisce the sheer joy felt as Dumbo ignored all the nay-sayers and jubilantly took flight into the night. It's the sort of child-like innocence that so much of the spirit of Dumbo embodies, and that Loewe hopes to remind us all with. So summon your inner child as you may, because sometimes, it really isn't bad to dream a little.

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