ISLAND IN THE SUN: Berluti's Beach Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Berluti
Eclipse travel bag
Complice cross-body bag
Deckchair made of beechwood structure and leather
Beach racket with lamb leather grip and yellow drawstring pouch
Cotton polo shirt with fluorescent edges
Nylon shorts with fluorescent silicone patch

Daydreaming about the perfect beach day with the girl of your dreams? Sure, it’s only March and you haven’t asked her out yet, but if you’re planning on rocking Berluti’s latest beach capsule collection, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little. Chest to impress, summer fling enthusiasts say, but if you really want to impress her for good then you'll want to come prepared with some summer-set fun. With an assortment of beach-ready accessories, a beach-ready fit and some beach-ready games to boot, Berluti has the ultimate kit you need for a day in the sand. Before you even step on the beach, offer to carry her stuff. If you’re going light, go for the cross-body bag that’s adjustable while still granting you that chic look. If not, opt for the travel bag that shows off your chivalrous side and maybe even some of that subtle bicep flex. The moment you arrive at the beach, lay out the deckchair, along with a beach towel made of cotton terrycloth and velvet finishing for the lady. After some solid tanning and some flirty exchanges, turn up the heat with some fun in the sand. We’re talking a pair of paddles to play some sand tennis. Or, perhaps a dip in the sea with a set of pool rings conveniently made for two. When it’s all said and done, you’ve gotten the perfect beach day, and the girl of your dreams isn’t just a daydream anymore.

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