MINE IS BETTER THAN YOURS: Givenchy's Kids Summer Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Givenchy
Givenchy Paris T-shirt & three-colored cardigan
Lightning print T-shirt
Pleated dress with french lace details & collared shirt
Three-colored sweater
Bermuda jogging shorts
Pleated veil dress with rhinestones swarovski
Mini Givenchy printed pyjama

If you’re a freshly minted parent, you’ll know it’s a constant source of pain pride to win the award for Best Dressed Kid on a regular basis. With the summer season coming up, settle the ‘friendly’ competition for good with Givenchy’s newly launched kids summer collection. Two years after being anointed artistic director at Givenchy, Clare Waight Keller has finally unveiled the collection Givenchy Kids for her first foray into kidswear, and it doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve seen her work, it should come as no surprise that her kidswear is as disciplined and no-nonsense as she is, with a range of outfits carefully curated to be practical, stylish and suited to many conditions. For the girls, it’s a mix and match of styles - casual ensembles and smart dresses - that will garner begrudging compliments from the other parents at school. For the rowdy boys who can’t stop moving around, the Keller’s sportswear-inspired line that includes Bermuda shorts and jogging outerwear will be comfortable whether they’re out playing in the backyard or simply taking an afternoon nap in the house. For the even younger younglings, they’ll look simply adorable in the custom Givenchy onesies as they cuddle their Givenchy teddy bears to sleep. Nothing more validating than your child’s on-fleek sense of fashion, right?

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