LOST AT SEA: Dunhill's Aquarium Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Dunhill
Aquarium Collection
Patterned lounge shirt in summer blue
Reversible bomber in summer blue
Swim shorts in summer blue
Lounge shirt in sunset orange
Swim shorts in sunset orange
Belt bag in summer blue
Wallet in sea green

When one thinks of summer, one may imagine the ocean blue waters, the azure skies and a shimmering orange sunset. Romanticism aside, Dunhill makes this ideal image a reality with the launch of their Aquarium collection, inspired by their original Aqaurium lighters dating all the way back to 1949. Just as these previous Aquarium lighters were meticulously carved and hand-painted, the capsule – featuring patterned lounge shirts, reversible bombers, swim shorts, belt bags and leather goods – is hand-furnished with illustrations of birds, fish and all things nature onto a colour palette of summer blue, sunset orange and evervescent green. Just like that, you'll be enjoying some down time on the beach, matched up with Mother nature as the sun slowly creeps down into a dimming orange along the sunset boulevard.

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