SUSTAINABLE ME: BBC Earth's Zero Waste T-Shirt
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of BBC Earth
#SustainableMe circular top made of reused organic cotton and GOTS cotton
#SustainableMe zero waste circular T-shirt

Did you know 300,000 tonnes of clothes are being thrown away in the UK each year? Not to pull a I told you so kind of guilt-trip or anything, but we should probably be doing something to make some necessary changes. Thankfully, BBC Earth is giving us a headstart with the launch of a circular collection dedicated to producing recylable and sustainable garments. Teaming up with apparel manufacturer Teemill, the capsule features the Zero Waste T-shirt, a #SustainableMe-printed T-shirt that doesn't just talk the sustainable game, but also walks it with a combination of previously reused organic cotton mixed with GOTS cotton that allows the shirt to be recycled again and again and again. And if you do get sick of the shirt, someone else has the opportunity to enjoy it: simply scan a QR code on the tee, send it back for free, and receive US$6 store credit to buy another sustainable purchase. And while your price concerns for ethical fashion are justified, Teemill and BBC Earth’s T-shirt collab will only set you back US$25. For something that lasts forever? Not too shabby at all.

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