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Text by Kee | Photos by Jeff Ip and Wolf
A single Axis winder with storage space
Patented technology means the winder knows exactly how many turns it has to make in a day in order to wind the wristwatch
There's even a secret compartment to store other personal belongings
Capable of running on AC power or batteries

Owning a fine wristwatch only makes sense when you understand how to care for it when it leaves the wrist by the end of the day. Not many do, preferring to leave it in the drawers knowing that it should continue working precisely the very next day. What is wrong about this scenario is that there is a chance you leave it unattended far longer than its power reserve can accept. And in the case of a more complex perpetual calendar wristwatch, having readjustments made might be a hassle you want to avoid. This is where a watch winder comes in – but don’t just put your prized pieces in any junk. The reason Wolf’s versions are so sought after is because it offers manual presets that allow owners to control the number of turns that particular wristwatch should undergo in a day, mindful of over-winding and causing more wear and tear instead. An accessory of choice on any work desk or bookshelf too.

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