MID 90S: Ports V's Psychedelic Love Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Ports V
Tropical hibiscus flower print shirt with a colourblock varsity wallet necklace
Colourblock varsity polo shirt in yellow green and burgundy red
Contrast preppy stripes polo shirt in red and monochromatic preppy stripes with matching drawstring shorts
Unisex colourblock varsity polo shirt paired with pleated tailored cotton trousers
Tie-dye cotton bomber jacket, with a monochromatic stripe preppy T-shirt and relaxed tie-dye cotton trousers
Love Only varsity stripe short sleeve shirt and stripe trousers with varsity multi-way leather pouch
Mosaic bandana print shirt and trousers with Love Only bandana print hat and shoulder bag

It's the summertime where '90s nostalgia (and heat waves) inevitably hits you, like the morning rays of welcome sunshine that spill through the curtain windows and eventually envelope your bedroom in a ball of glorious sunkissed light. The grunge spirit, the youthful exuberance and the retro styles could not be better encapsulated than by the '90s pop culture preceding it, filled with a spontaneous selection of genres ranging from psychedelia, bohemian preppiness, all the way to Jonah Hill's Mid90s skateboarder street culture. Now, Ports V is capturing a taste of that '90s magic with the launch of their new capsule collection, filled with a collage of '90s genres that will have you fitted for all summer occasions. Featuring a wide range of pieces including some psychelic paisley mosaic print relaxed trousers, cardholders and hats, tie-dye jacquard bomber jackets, Bermuda shorts and varsity-styled pullovers as well as bohemian club polo shirts and darted trousers, the limited edition capsule comes curated for your bevvy of summer socials and your much-needed seasonal downtime. For your cocktail afternoons, the tie-dye tailored pieces come in an assortment of psychedelic patterns and exotic hibiscus prints, while also fitting the summer theme with some tropical Miami colours that will match any dress code while having you light and breezy. And for your casual days out, you'll be walking along the seaside in cruise control with a selection of breathable shorts that not only have you enjoying the beachside breeze, but also matching the personality that comes with the standard summer Instagram flex. The '90s may be gone, but hardly forgotten.

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