LIFE IN TECHNICOLOUR: Rimowa's New Colourways
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Rimowa
Rimowa Essential Check-In L in saffron
Rimowa Essential Check-In L in coral
Rimowa Essential Check-In L in sage
Rimowa Essential Check-In L in slate
New colorways introduce by recently-anointed CEO Alexandre Arnault

If we were to tell you to wear all your clothes in black, white and silver, you’d probably balk at the idea and proceed to put on some rainbow trousers for good measure. And just like the clothes you use to adorn your body, you probably want a luggage piece that personifies your character as much it as flexes your Instagram airport style with unquestionable authority. Which is why Rimowa’s CEO Alexandre Arnautl, shortly after some progressive collaborations with the likes of Supreme, Off-White and Fendi, is going back in-house to launch four new colourways for some vibrant looks and some summer-esque expressions. Part of the Rimowa Essential line, the collection features shades fit for a millennial king: a coral colour inspired by the Pink Lakes of Australia, a slate shade in reference to the granite texture of Indonesian mines, a curious sage hue that embodies the greenery found in Britain’s Lake District and finally, a bright saffron tone reminiscent of Tuscany’s canola flowers. The handles, zips and locks also match the hardware inspired by the aerial views of global destinations, so it won’t hurt your Instagram feed to select the color best suited to your desired destination. And when it comes to the barrage of people fumbling for their luggage amongst a sea of muted tones rolling along the cargo belt, you'll be the first one comfortably heading for the exit with your standout luggage by your side. To top things off, unlike the Supreme x Rimowa luggage that sold out in under 20 seconds, the polycarbonate cases are priced considerably lower than the former, so don't be color (or money) shy when it comes to living life in all shades of awesome.

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