Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Loewe
Postal bag features a rigid frame with a New York skyline-inspired design
Postal bag features a rigid frame with a Madrid skyline-inspired design
Postal bag features a rigid frame with a Shanghai skyline-inspired design
Postal bag features a rigid frame with a Hong Kong skyline-inspired design
The collection also features a range of solid-coloured options

It's time to catch a break from your yearlong workload in exchange for some much-deserved city breaks across the globe. And it seems Spanish fashion house Loewe will be keeping you company for the summer, thanks to the launch of their new postal bag collection that is half bag half travel-buddy amazing. That's because the tote bags, knowing you probably have many cities already on your bucket list, has you covered with some skyline-inspired illustrations of different cities - from London to New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai - across its leather skin that will remind you of your favourite postcard sent to you by your friends and family. And thanks to creative director Jonathan Anderson, the new Postal bag features a rigid frame that makes for a compact travel companian while standing out from the previous Loewe handbag iterations such as Puzzle, Hammock and Gate. So don't hesitate to hop on the next flight as soon as possible with your buddy by your side: you deserve it.

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