SWIMWEAR FOR A SUMMER BODY: Burberry's B Series Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Burberry
Burberry's monthly social media drop for July is all about a black pair of swim briefs, part of their B Series collection
Featuring a pair of classic drawcord swim briefs with contrasting stitching and bold logo
The B Series will be available from 12 noon GMT on 17 July exclusively through Burberry’s Instagram, LINE and Kakao platforms for 24 hours

No matter how many years have passed since your elementary, high school or college years, one does not simply get tired of a good ol' summer vacay. Burberry's chief creative officer, Riccardo Tisci, is a good example. A quick scroll through his Instagram feed and you'll catch glimpses of the Lake Como and Ibiza seas, where he's either been deep diving into azure ocean waters or sailing through them in Life in Pi-esque fashion. And besides the cocktails, champagnes and suncreen, Tisci is making sure the fit is just as good with his latest B series drop perfect for anyone's holiday summer sun. The monthly Burberry social media drop — curated to adapt to the ever-changing fashion landscape — features a sleek black pair of swim briefs, embellished with contrasting white stitching and a matching bold logo framed back and center. While everyone might be experimenting with over-the-top tie-dyes and neon prints, you'll be killing the swimwear game with a understated but bold (oxymoronic) look that may leave little to the imagination — and that's exactly the point. Hitting the gym prior to rocking the look probably won't hurt your chances either. The B Series classic drawcord swim briefs are available now.

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