THE FRESH PRINCE OF MONCLER: Will Smith Stars for Moncler's Genius Is Born Crazy Campaign
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Moncler
Genius Is Born Crazy is Moncler's latest Genius campaign starring Will Smith as the leading man.
The first flight of the campaign ‘Levitating’ was shot by Tim Walker, with two other chapters, 'Polymath', 'Shadow Boxing' soon to follow.

After all these years, where actor, producer and musician, two-time Academy Award nominee and Grammy winner Will Smith has pretty much accomplished everything there is to possibly achieve while beloved by millions of Men In Black fans, you would think he’d have dipped his feet into the fashion game by now. Hell, his son Jaden Smith once fronted Louis Vuitton’s women’s campaign wearing a skirt, while his daughter landed a Chanel eyewear campaign just three years back to form one of Hollywood’s most fashion forward set of siblings to ever exist. While Will Smith has an amazing sense of fashion — where do you think his kids get it from? — it’s Italian apparel brand Moncler that is breaking the seal by teaming up with the newly minted live-action Aladdin star for Smith’s first ever major fashion campaign for a brand. And fresh off the memory of Will Smith’s performance as the blue genie residing in Aladdin’s magical lamp, the Genius is Born Crazy campaign features the American actor replicating some levitating magic of his own as he seemingly sits calmly 7 feet above the ground. With the campaign, the Prince of Bel Air will be featured in three chapters, titled 'Levitating', 'Polymath' and 'Shadow Boxing', all of which will express the complexities within the mind of a genius through the insanity of design, serving as a celebration of the most talented and creative geniuses of the world — including himself. The campaign also highlights Moncler's transformation from 1950s skiwear brand to the pinnacle of forward-thinking luxury beloved by the likes of Ezra Miller and Drake. To see genius (and big genie energy) at work, feel free to check out the campaign and the behind-the-scenes video.


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