A MASK MAKES ONE MYSTERIOUS: Gucci's Manifesto Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Gucci
The Gucci Manifesto collection makes use of the motif of the mask, as showcased at the fall-winter 2019-2020 fashion show
The collection champions one key slogan: "The mask as a cut between visible and invisible"
The three styles, featuring a short-sleeve, crew-neck cotton T-shirt and a long sleeve crew-neck or hooded sweatshirt, have been sold primary online at Gucci's web store
The collection pieces are cut differently for men and for women, and have a variety of different printed fronts and backs
For women, there is a red T-shirt featuring a metal-spike mask print on the front in black and white, with Gucci print underneath in black
Meanwhile, the show's main slogan is featured on the back also in black
For men, there is a T-shirt featuring a carnival cat mask motif, with printed details in pale blue
A hooded sweatshirt in black or white is also available, with the same decoration available in blue

With Netflix's Money Heist hype reaching fever-level pitches, everyone’s been getting a bit of that inevitable revolutionary masked vigilante high. Of course, the fetish for masks has existed for quite some time: from Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera, to the comics showcasing superhero vigilantes, and finally to revolutionary characters such as V and his iconic Guy Fawkes mask, it’s the allure of the mask conveying an aura of anti-establishment and mystery that we’re all irrepressibly attracted to. And, capturing this magnetic essence once again is Gucci’s Manifesto collection which prominently features the mask as the motif and protagonist of their revolutionary streetwear. Debuting at the Italian brand’s fall-winter 19/20 fashion show, the siblylline capsule features three cotton pieces: a round-neck short sleeved T-shirt, a round-neck short sleeved sweatshirt and a hoodie. And with each piece comes a different masked motif printed on the front and back - a metallic mask, cat mask and an alien mask - that champion the slogan, “The mask as a cut between visible and invisible.” While the message itself is fitting, the pieces themselves aren't – all oversized, the clothes are available for both men and women with different cuts in black and white, white and blue and red and black. In coordination with the launch of this signature project, Gucci has also unveiled its Art Walls across Manhattan, MIlan, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai and Mexico City, where the revolutionary spirit lives on via the masked motifs that decorate the art sets. Which begs the question: will masks ever lose their appeal? Judging from our continued obsession over these masked characters, probably not.

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