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(POSSIBLY) WHAT WOMEN WANT: MB&F's Legacy Machine FlyingT
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of MB&F
This is the first wristwatch by MB&F dedicated to women
A sun-shaped winding rotor
The FlyingT features a convex dome that only a handful have attempted in watchmaking
Time is read from a sub-dial that is tilted subdial tilted 50° to the wearer
At the heart of the dial is a prized central torubillon
The in-house self-winding movement is capable of storing 100 hours of power

Remember that emotion when you were still using a flip phone and then some tech companies decided to launch nifty touchscreen versions that basically thrashed everything you knew and expected of your mobile devices? Well, MB&F is that wristwatch version of those serious move-making tech companies. Since 2005, it has continuously churned out next gen-looking mechanical wristwatches that not only look like they time-travelled from the future to be with us but they are also engineered to pay homage to the time-honoured ways of watchmaking. Now, MB&F has taken everything they know about crafting uber cool mechanicals for men – some would argue that their designs are gender-neutral – into horology specifically made for women. While no one from the fairer sex was involved in its production, MB&F still managed to achieve a controlled level of elegance with their smallest case dimension to date. At 38.5mm, the Legacy Machine FlyingT is perhaps the industry’s test bed in understanding women’s reaction and appetite for a truly different genre of technical wristwatch for ladies. Sure, you can argue that there are tourbillon wristwatches made for women but on the flipside of the matter, they are often smaller versions of a men’s wristwatch with the addition of precious gems as a smokescreen. The FlyingT, on the other hand, has been entirely drawn from scratch a few years ago and developed for present day. Housed right smack in the middle of a domed sapphire crystal is a tower of gears (a metaphor for women being a pillar of founder Maximilian Büsser’s life) topped by a mesmerising diamond-tipped flying tourbillon that is already worth the money in performance. And if you were wondering about where the time is read, an off-centre dial positioned at a 50-degree angle facing the wearer is responsible for this duty. Flip to the case back for something surprising in the design code: a sun-shaped rotor that looks like a stalk off Van Gogh’s sunflower painting. There are three editions of the FlyingT available: a black lacquered dial, a paved diamond-set dial and case, and a baguette diamond-set dial and case. Well, whatever feeling this is giving you – good or bad – this is surely a courageous step forward in the design dialogue of ladies wristwatches. And perhaps in another few decades, we will remember that at least one brand made the effort to break new grounds for women.

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