AN ODE TO DOG LOVERS: Acne Studios x William Wegman Weimaraner Baker Tote Bag
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Acne Studios
Acne Studios teamed up with American artist William Wegman to create a Weimaraner dog graphic print
Baker tote bag featuring glossy PVC lamination, twin carry handles, detachable shoulder strap and an all-black interior with internal zip pocket and clasp closure

Your trip to the groceries just got a whole lot ruff-er. And we mean ruff as in, you just won't be able to keep your paws off of your soon-to-be-favourite tote bag. That's because Acne Studios has teamed up with fellow American artist William Wegman to create an updated silhouette of their iconic baker tote bag, with the graphic print being none other than an adorable Weimaraner dog fronting the the tote classic. Inspired by the artist's own Weimaraners – who consequently couldn't resist creating an art series based on them – the bag features the gray Weimaraner straddling a large envelope-like structure in what would roughly embody a pensive mood in human terms. But the Weimaraner isn't the only thoughtful one here: Compared to its predecessor, the reiterated version sports a glossy PVC lamination that will keep its exterior water-proof from all those rainy grocery runs, while the twin carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap will make sure carrying your essentials-for-the-week will be an easy chore to manage. And plus, dog-lovers around will finally get their wish – compliments about their dog without all the extra fuss.

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