BLESSED BY AN ICON: Kate Moss x Zadig & Voltaire Handbag Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire
Zadig & Voltaire's rock 'n' roll-inspired handbag line in collaboration with supermodel Kate Moss
The ‘Kate’ handbags will be available from next October at Zadig & Voltaire stores, priced between €320 and €695
You might have spotted supermodel Kate Moss having the time of her life, whizzing around rollercoasters in Saint-Tropez with BFF Sadie Frost for a weekend French getaway. But while she might be having fun without a seeming care in the world, don't let that deceive you. Outside of the Saint-Tropez bubble, is a shimmering, glistening reality that she still continues to dominate the fashion landscape. Besides having recently modeled for Giorgio Armani, being revealed as one of the faces of jewellery house Messika, she’s topping it all off – and cementing her status as a fashion icon of our generation along with it – by designing a line of rock ‘n’ roll inspired handbags in collaboration with the aptly chosen Parisian-based label Zadig & Voltaire. Featuring four different styles, the ‘Kate’ handbag line stars a tote bag known as ‘The Kate Bag’ that will have you walking the streets of New York and the amusement parks of France in the shoes of a supermodel. And because of her wealth of design experience – having already designed two eponymous collections with Topshop and a handbag line for Longchamp – the bags are sure to be comfort-fitted for her supermodel off-days with a tailor-made style belonging to an off-work supermodel. And the even better news? She's clearly in for the long haul with this brand new handbag line. So while the debut collection won’t be available until October at Zadig & Voltaire stores, our anticipation for the second season of Kate Moss handbags is already on Love Island-levels of hype.

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