A CLASP THAT MATTERS: Versace’s Virtus Handbag Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Versace
The Italian fashion house has launched a new V motif for its Virtus handbag line for fall-winter 2019
Virtus takes its name from the Roman deity, available from September 2019
Virtus quilted dual-carry bag in neon blue, coral red and neon green
Virtus top-handle bag in black and brown made with calf leather
Quilted Virtus shoulder bag in white and red
Quiled Virtus belt bag
Virtus conglobo shoulder bag
Virtus evening bag
We don’t need to remind you of Versace’s iconic Medusa head logo, which has since become synonymous with prestigious women’s wear and tailor-made to enter your style-hungry wardrobes. But the Italian fashion house has gone out of its way to fashion a new symbol, a fascinating V motif that has since taken over their new line of handbags. Entitled the Virtus handbag (aptly taking its name from the Roman deity), the newly minted handbag line debuted on the fall-winter 2019 runway and trust us: The ‘V’ belongs in your list of everyday handbag staples. Featuring a variety of silhouettes from fanny packs, top handle bags with V-pattern quilting to cross body models, it’s a collection of handbags that pretty much tops the needs of all your everyday occasions. Not to mention the bags’ supple calf leather material, which makes it the perfect bag to go through all the wear-and-tears that you’ll (inevitably) put it through. And in classic Versace fashion, from its dangling charms, diamond-studded apple cores to dogs and safety pins, it’s the perfect Instagram-esque flex you’ll want on any kind of cocktail occasion, especially when the boss and coworkers are involved. While the medusa head obviously still rules supreme having stood the tests of time, will the up-and-coming V-motif eventually assume the throne? Only time will tell.

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