FASHION'S WAKE-UP CALL: Gucci's Carbon Neutral Supply Chain
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Gucci
Gucci's entire supply chain are now officially carbon neutral
Gucci is relying on standards laid out by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, an international organization that helps companies measure emissions
Fashion industry needs a bit of a wakeup call. With all the fast fashion and unnecessary waste going on, it’s about time somebody stepped up. And while many fashion brands are working to become – or at least working to appear to be – more sustainable, they are often focusing on things like reducing plastic or inventory waste, rather than focusing on the crux of the issue by cutting down on carbon emissions. Which is why Gucci’s decision to create an entirely carbon neutral production process is a major, unprecedented, almost mind-boggling move belonging to the halls of justice and superheroics. Before September, the company will have offset all greenhouse gases produced by third-party raw-material suppliers, manufacturers and from its own direct operations. And don’t think this is just a simple stroll in the park; On the contrary, to create a carbon neutral process, Gucci has to go through its vast and complex set of supply chains in their apparel and footwear lines to discover the sources of their carbon emissions. In fact, they might as well scrap their prior supply chain and remake an entirely new one – which incredibly, they have accomplished. Just to make clear the enormous hurdles that Gucci has to go through to achieve this: One, the brand – which normally buys materials from middlemen – has to go even further to trace back their materials’ original sources such as cotton fields or cattle farms. Very few labels track the carbon emissions in their stores and offices, and even fewer would go the distance to track their partner factories and raw materials. For instance, Gucci now has to figure out how much carbon is emitted at each of the tanneries where it buys its leather. The only notable company that did this was sneaker startup Allbirds, and while the sneaker brand is reportedly worth US$1.4 billion, that’s nothing compared to Gucci’s staggering US$10 billion dollar revenue that now has to deal with ten times the number of processes. So with brands like Gucci making a stand and setting an example, it seems only reasonable that others start to do the same.


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