GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE: Off-White X Undercover Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Off-White and Undercover
Off-White™ x Undercover capsule collection available September 14th
Black hand dart T-shirt
White skeleton dart T-shirt
Black skeleton rurs hoodie
Slim 5 pocket denim pants
White skeleton rurs hoodie
White apple T-shirt
White mesh shorts
Denim hip sack

Virgil Abloh might be taking a self-imposed 3-month break at the moment from all the insane multitasking he’s had to do over the past year and a half, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell, considering the staggering number of launches that still continue to drop, even at this very moment. And even as we say this, Abloh’s streetwear label Off-White has already gotten out of bed to team up with fellow cult label Undercover for a capsule collection proving that not even a bed-ridden Virgil Abloh can stop his unrelenting dedication to the movement. Featuring a line-up of tees, hoodies, jeans, and a hip bag, the collection is what'd you call a total mind meld between Off-White's Virgil Abloh and Undercover's Jun Takahashi. Case in point: graphic elements like arrows and diagonal stripes meet with creepy clawed hands, hunched skeletons, and snake-wrapped apples. If that's not Abloh and Takahashi-esque enough then we're not sure what is. And of course, in trademark Undercover team-up fashion, the brands’ names are amalgamatedf together into an Instagram-worthy hashtag, "UNDEROFFWHITECOVERS." So if you were thinking about spending your day laying in bed watching Queer Eye, think again.



Off-White™ c/o Undercover “Underoffwhitecovers” capsule collection available in selected Off-White™ retail stores, online, and in MADSTORE UNDERCOVER Laforet Harajuku, Undercover Kanazawa, Sendai, Nagoya, Kyoto and Hankyu Mens Osaka from September 14th and at from the 15th.   NOTE: Purchasing at MADSTORE UNDERCOVER Laforet Harajuku is only possible through an advance online lottery. Application period is between September 12th (Thu) 10:00 ~ 20:00. Please check the UNDERCOVER website for details ( Link in bio.   Full version of the movie will premiere at Undercover Aoyama store from 6:30pm to 10pm on September 14th during Vogue’s Fashions Night Out. *Product will be unavailable for purchase at Undercover Aoyama.  Movie c/o @undercover_production #NaotoTakenaka #EriFuse   オフホワイトとアンダーカバーによるカプセルコレクション が、MADSTORE UNDERCOVERラフォーレ原宿、アンダーカバー金沢、仙台、名古屋、京都、阪急メンズ大阪店、および、オフホワイトの各店舗、オンラインストアにて9月14日(土)より発売となります。 アンダーカバーのオンラインストアでの発売は9月15日(日)〜となります。  MADSTORE UNDERCOVERラフォーレ原宿店での購入については、事前にオンライン入抽選を実施しますので、発売日に店にて購入をご希望の方は、アンダーカバーのウェブサイト携帯からはBioにあるリンクより)にて詳細をご確認のうえ、抽選応募フォーよりご応募くさい。 ご応募受付期間 : 2019年9月12日(木) 10:00 ~ 20:00
 なお、こちらの像のロングバージョンを、VogueのFashion’s Night Outが開催される9月14日(土)の18:30~22:00にアンダーカバーの青山店にて上いたしますので、ぜひお立ち寄りくさい。 ※アンダーカバー青山店での本コラボレーションの商品販売はございませんのでご了承くさい。  #竹中直人 #ふせえり #アンダーカバー #UNDERCOVER

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