Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Loewe
Loewe's Mini Lazo bag
The mini iteration carries contrast stitching and dual top handles
Mini Lazo bag in black
Mini Lazo bag with a petroleum blue body and tan dual top handles
Mini Lazo bag in black in rouge

Like we said, the mini-bag trend is happening. All your favourite bags for the spring-summer have shrunk a letter size to become even cuter versions of themselves this fall. Case in point: you've probably already checked out Fendi's Nano Baguette bag that was just released two weeks ago, which was a smaller iteration of their iconic Baguette bag and is probably resting on your couch at this very moment. And if you thought that was just a little too small for you, this might do the trick: Loewe has launched a miniaturised version of their Lazo bag aptly titled – you guessed it – the Mini Lazo bag. Similar to its adult iteration, the Mini Lazo comes in a rectangular silhouette with a versatile set of styles including the bucket and shopper tote. And to be fair, this mini-version is arguably the ideal size, especially when it comes to fitting all your office documents and other work day essentials into one. And with the love for the mini-bag not dying down anytime soon, you might as well opt for the one that gets your workplace essentials fitted and your office style in check.

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