RAIN BOOTS THAT GROW TREES: Stella McCartney x Hunter Boots Vegan Wellington Boots
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Stella McCartney and Hunter Boots
Stella McCartney x Hunter Boots' vegan wellington rain boots
The vegan wellington boot features a chunky sole and the designer's name
Rubber boot is entirely vegan using natural rubber harvested from sustainably-managed, certified forests in Guatemala
It's only a matter of time before Stella McCartney saves our world from ourselves. Case in point: while we mindlessly waste away with fast fashion materials that come and go as quickly as the seasons, the British designer has been toiling away in the lab to remake the fashion landscape in her sustainable image. From the world’s first recyclable hoodie with Adidas, to dresses made from archival fabric and sustainable viscose with climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion, it's just the beginning of her sustainable takeover. And if you thought you could vacuously ignore it, maybe even run from it if you can, you were sorely mistaken: The daughter of Paul McCartney will be teaming up with rubber boots and footwear brand Hunter to launch a sustainably-sourced vegan wellington boot to replace your wasteful pair of trainers. Featuring a chunky sole, along with the word "STELLA" in front, the new rubber boot is entirely vegan using natural rubber harvested from sustainably-managed, certified forests in Guatemala. And the stretch sock inside the boot is made from Yulex™, a replacement for traditional neoprene. That's because while both materials share almost identical strength and elasticity, Yulex™ generates 80 percent less climate-altering carbon dioxide than the normal stuff you have on. In other words, for every 1000 steps you take, you're making an 800 step difference for the world. So for the designer whose London store has the cleanest air in the city, that’s all in a day’s work to make the world (and your wardrobe) a better place to be.



These boots were made for dancing... x Stella⁣ ⁣ #StellaHunterBoots

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