Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Etro
ETRO has launched the Pegaso Bag, an iconic style dating back to the '80s
Calf leather cross-body bag
Metallic buckle showcases the silhouette of the Greek stallion Pegasus
Available on website, Etro boutiques and selected international retailers now

We’ve talked a lot about micro-bags, mini-bags, and even nano-bags as the season’s defining trend. And while that may be true, sometimes opting for the classics is the way to go. After all, would you prefer listening to the Billboard Top 10 over some generation-defining Queen? We didn’t think so. And speaking of the ’80s, enter Etro’s Pegaso bag, an iconic style from the bustling decade that is back and ready to soar into your year-round wardrobe. Featuring a metallic buckle prominently showcasing the Greek stallion, the calf-leather cross-body bag personifies the kind of comfort and riches Greek gods enjoyed. Celebrities such as super model Romee Strijd, KOL Caro Daur, actress Liu Tao, Marica Pellegrinelli and Melissa Satta can testify this based on the number of times they’ve been spotted wearing this Greek bag. And if you’re wearing the same things as these superstars? You must be doing something right. The Pegaso Bag is now available for purchase at ETRO boutiques and in selected international retailers.

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