YOON AHN'S WINTER RE-BOOTS: Converse x Ambush's Footwear Capsule Collection
Text by Justin Ng | Photos courtesy of Converse and Ambush
Converse x Ambush footwear collection
Converse x Ambush Chuck 70
Converse x Ambush Pro Leather
How does a cult jewellery designer turn streetwear specialist turn footwear aficionado? It goes something like Yoon Ahn’s roller-coaster career trajectory, which has seen her Ambush label turn from jewellery to streetwear and now, the jewellery director for Kim Jones is entering uncharted territory by teaming up with Converse to launch a footwear capsule that will soon be a permanent staple of your incoming winter wardrobe. As someone carrying the jewellery ethos of remaking the everyday into something refreshingly different – as evidenced by her record-breaking duchampian clothespin earrings or her cigarette lighter necklaces – Yoon Ahn aptly took the pop-culture-embedded Chuck Taylors and Pro Leathers and decided to give them some tough love by adding some additional layers of rubber to consolidate the chunkiness of the sole. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that her corresponding Ambush collection was inspired by Nicholas Roeg’s David Bowie-starring sci-fi cult film, The Man Who Fell to Earth, which may explain the space-ready chunky protections of the sneaker. The end result is a pair of contemporary sneakers that might throw you back to those military ’50s U.S. throwback bunny boots, but with a millennial touch on the sneaker’s panel that reminds you to “keep double laced to hold firmly”. So while you’re flitting through the New York cold with ‘50s ease, you’ll also have the '10s generation of constant reminders that make sure your life is still in one piece. In other words, your once-ordinary winter boots just got the Yoon Ahn spin and come October 19, they'll be fired up and ready to go.


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